Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kelli Martin Grows Lipstick-Jungle-Red Claws on Her Way Out

Well, possums, the love child of Brittany Murphy and Lorraine Bracco did not go down without a fight. No sirree.

To wit, have a look at what she said in an exit interview:

I have never seen Lipstick Jungle, but my grandma has watched it. [!!] I always assumed it was a cut-rate Sex in the City. [!!] Brooke Shields? Sadly, all I know about her are her Postpartum Depression issues, not much real work since the early ‘80s. [!!]


...working with Daniel was kind of like working with the town drunk dressed in a fancy suit ... [!!]

.... The judges’ comments questioned your taste level -- what is your response to that?

Simple. Our taste levels are different. Mine is on the wavelength of appreciating fashion, but also realizing that the majority of it comes from people like me. My generation is much different than the 50-year-olds judging me, particularly the different subcultures. You might think that you know what the kids are wearing, but you don't. You know what rich kids are wearing, and honey, we aren't all going to the Oscars. So the slam on taste was a joke. Nice try man. We didn't all come from money and weren't able to use that “in” to make us somebody.

To which we say: BITCH! But only because we wished we'd thought of some of these putdowns. Never mess with a Columbine, possums (or whatever people from Columbus are called); they're scrappy.