Thursday, February 15, 2007

Its Timbers Shivered, Pink Navy Sends Goil Amornvivat to the Brig

Goil, possum, we hate to do this, but we run a, er, tight ship, and we couldn’t just let this go.

Possum, you’re gay, you’re 33 years old, you live in New York City, you’re from Thailand for God’s sake, you went to Yale, and you don’t know what a cabana is?

“And did you mention he's gay?” interrupted Miss XaXa.

“Yes, darling. And it’s implied, since he went to Yale.”

Now, Goil, possum, this is a serious offense, don’t get us wrong. But since this is also a first offense, we're not going to take your gay card away. Instead, you'll be subject to a one-day suspension of your gay card.

You may chalk up our crotchetiness to a pronounced case of misantropez, but we’re afraid you’ll also have to spend one day in the Pink Navy brig, watching the Jean Seberg-Deborah Kerr version of Bonjour Tristesse and the Brigitte Bardot version of And God Created Woman to get a better sense of the fantasy St. Tropez.

You are certainly welcome to appeal the sentence. David James Elliott has agreed to join Pink Navy's FAG (Fruity Advocate General) program, and should you choose, he will act as your defense counsel.