Wednesday, February 7, 2007

“Why Don’t You?” Wednesday

Well, possums, the earth has completed seven revolutions on its axis, and once again, Hump Day is upon us. Yes, sirree, it’s Wednesday, and you all know what that means—time for more gracious-living tips from Pink Navy’s resident muse and fag-hag godmother extraordinaire, Diana Vreeland. And so, without further ado, Why don’t you…

* reconsider the hopeless of a room without a mantel, and put in a fake fireplace draped in flowered chintz and holding an urn of carnations? The mantelpiece is white and gold.

* have an ivory satin bedquilt embroidered with a sentimental poem in colored spangles and pearls, as did the Vicomtesse Charles de Noailles in Paris?

* have the gayest possible slipper chair done up in white broderie anglaise—ruffles like a petticoat, threaded through with pink satin ribbons?

* revive the old-fashioned hat tree—this time a white lacquer pole topped with ostrich feathers of carved wood, or a black and gold palm tree—most useful in a bathroom to hold your clothes?