Wednesday, February 14, 2007

“Why Don’t You?” Wednesday

Possums, can it really be that good ole mercredi is upon us again so quickly?

Indeed it is, and with it comes our favorite duty, scattering Diana Vreeland tips like so much gay confetti.

And so, without further ado, Why don’t you…

* Study closely the perfection of taste and amazing variety in the paneled boudoir of the Vicomtesse Charles de Noailles—buttoned brown satin, straw baskets and fruit, a Cranach, an engraving of Byron, a straw hat, and exquisite objets d’art?

* With black lacquer and pearl Victorian furniture put Kapa shell, a wall covering made of actual sea shells—Frank Haberl—and against that, dressmaker’s tinsel flowers framed in glass holding a mirror?

* Use pineapples for decoration? In your paneled room, low sofas, no flowers but pineapples piled in large bowls, on the floor, on low tables, wherever you can put them. When the fire is lit and guests arrive, the aroma from the fruit is wonderful.

* Use eggplants, complete with their green stalks, in a bright yellow room? The effect is very Chinese and delicious?

And because it’s Valentine’s Day, and we love you, possums, we’ll throw in a few more, totally unrelated to interior design.

* Why don’t you call up John Powers, the model agency, for a professional model just your size and measurements who will fit your clothes for you? The cost of a stand-in for fitting eight dresses, which would take about three hours, is $7.50.

* Why don’t you dress for the theatre, you and your escort? Think how much it means to others in the audience.

* Why don’t you get a little brown satin hemstitched cushion? It is pretty with pink sheets, and it shows off blond or grey hair to perfection.

* Hair-dressers! Install silent dryers in your beauty parlors as they have done in France.

* Telephone Company! Put in an S.V.P. service as they have in Paris. “S.V.P.” meaning s’il vous plait. You simply ring up the S.V.P. girl and she answers anything from the simplest to the most fantastic questions.