Friday, March 9, 2007

Pink Navy Update: Fauxhawked, "Fauxpawed" Stylist Paris Libby Survives Attempted "Hachette Job"

Possums, you may not remember, but recently we were quite worried for the safety and well-being of one Paris Libby, the Bravo "stylist" and "wardrobe designer" for Top Design. After the improbably named "stylist" imprudently revealed on his blog that he and Margaret Russell engaged in a dieting competition, we were certain that La Russell would have him offed for his faux pas. We all know what happens to a Libby who leaks classified information.

But lo and behold, there he is again on, telling us about the clothes on this week's episode. So he appears to be alive and well--well, as well as anyone can be who is sporting a fauxhawk. There may be an explanation, though.

According to IMDB, Paris was a costume designer for the following films, the titles of which explain a lot: Sunset Heat (aka Midnight Heat), Naked Obsession, Inner Sanctum, Evil Toons, Teenage Exorcist, Cyber Bandits, and Exit in Red. Most intriguingly of all, he was the assistant to Mickey fuckin' Rourke on the oh-so-perfectly-titled-that-we-wonder-if-this-isn't-where-he-got-his-nom-de-fag Love in Paris aka Another 9 1/2 Weeks, which, together with his career as a "costume designer," no doubt explains his affinity for Kelly Wearstler. It also explains his apparent hardiness. If the man can survive working with walking 'roid rage/crack-cocaine rock Mickey Rourke, he certainly has enough smarts to outwit even the trained Hachette Men (as Margaret Russell's squad of personal assassins is known).

On the other hand, Paris could have filmed all his video blogs before the news of his indiscretion got out. We demand that in his next video blog he hold up that day's issue of The New York Times. We've watched Mel Gibson movies; we know how this works.