Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tinker Tailor: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Possums, we never thought of Miss Margaret Russell and Perez Hilton as having anything in common, but it seems they might.

First, a little background.

On last night's webisode of "Watch What Happens," which featured the unlikely duo of Padma Lakshmi and Michael Adams, little 24-year-old Michael revealed not only that he knows (and thinks it's important to know) the difference between "French Empire and American Federal," which rather endeared him to us, but also that he has been seeing a nice Jewish boy for the past four years.

Knowing, as we do, a thing or two about nice Jewish boys and fidelity, this also endeared him to us. Four years is not only the temporal equivalent of 25 years in straight-person years, it's the equivalent of 100 years when you consider that Michael is in his twenties. And for this we congratulate him.

However, this is also why we were all the more shocked when Margaret pulled a Perez on her blog and revealed that: "It was rumored that Michael was flirting with one of the tailors, which is perhaps why he took such great interest in creating the perfect curtains for Dora and Bea." And Margaret used the above photograph as an illustration (though no naughty names were scrawled in white a la Perez).

Say it ain't so. Like all dyed-in-the-wool cynics, we long to believe.

And so our inquiring minds want to know:

a) Is Michael's marriage in trouble?

b) A tailor?!? (If you're going to go with the rhyme, why not a soldier, a sailor, or heck, a rich man?)

c) Is the chappie in the red shirt and the garish tie the tinkering tailor?

d) Is this at all related to an item included on the Assistant's February 21 blog about a crush between a cast member and a behind-the-scenes person? ("Now that we were four episodes in, I also picked up a few pieces of gossip about the contestants. Wanna know a dirty secret? During this episode, one of them developed like, a MAJOR crush on one of our camera op guys. That’s right. I’d say this camerman’s closest celebrity look alike would probably be Matthew Fox (with a light beard). It was sort of like The Bodyguard except...well, it’s an interior design show for Bravo.")

e) Why is the show so dull that we are forced to focus on potential liaisons that break the fourth wall?