Wednesday, March 7, 2007

“Why Don’t You?” Wednesday

Possums, crushed as we are this Wednesday by the death of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, the only real thing in our lives remains the work of Diana Vreeland. And so, without further ado, Why Don't You...

* Bring back from Central Europe a huge white baroque porcelain stove to stand in your front hall, reflected in the parquet?

* If you have a large studio room, put an enormous deep sofa at one end? Over this, drape high on the wall a tremendous canopy of yards and yards of material—copying your whole effect from the theatrical tapestries of Venice.

* Have your own intimate garden connected by an outside staircase to your bedroom, surrounded by pink brick walks so you can sunburn and read, be out of view, earshot, and the wind?

* Have a row of white pots on your window-sill with orange and brown nasturtiums trained into pyramids around the little cone-shaped trellis?