Tuesday, January 30, 2007

As Jonathan Adler Reveals State Secret, "Top Design" Gets in Trouble with the Gays

We shuddered a little when we turned to pinky-lifting website After Elton for their review of Top Design. Could it be? Is it really possible? Is Top Design in trouble with the Gays?

It certainly seems that way from what we read in the article, headlined "Bravo's Top Design off to a Shaky Start" (to which we say, Puh-leeze, is that the best a gay website can do in terms of a headline? For shame!):

Bravo's latest addition to the genre, Top Design, hosted by openly gay designer Todd Oldham, falls a bit short at first....In addition to Top Design's formulaic first episode, in which the show is bogged down by having to introduce the concept as well as its 12 contestants, the host and three judges, the show faces a dramatic challenge. Shows such as American Idol and Project Runway have a built-in theatricality that is difficult to replicate in a show like Top Design. The Project Runway model strutting her designer's stuff down a catwalk serves as a dramatic climax to each episode, and Top Design's before-and-after shots of the design space just don't have the same emotional kick.

Meeeow! "Falls a bit short"? "Formulaic"? Those kinds of cat-scratches can't be good for the Scalamandré cushions.

However, our favorite part of the article is the mini-interview with Jonathan Adler, who blows the lid off a state secret so huge that it threatens the very foundations of Gaymerica. The Pentagon Papers were nothing compared to this. We scurry for cover behind the pleather-covered shield of New York Times v. U.S. as we repeat Judge Adler's words, "Certainly, in the design world there are lots and lots of the gays."

Oh, Jonathan, just remember that loose lips sink pink navies (and won't get you asked on a second date).