Monday, January 29, 2007

Bravo New World

Not having entirely shaken the Top Chef bug, we were a bit taken aback when we saw this photograph of former America's Next Top Model judge Simon Doonan, Top Design judge Jonathan Adler, and Top Chef guest judge (that's an awful lot of tops, isn't it?) Suzanne Goin (best known in reality tv land as the woman who confronted a "Cheeto dick" with a, er, cocked eyebrow, a dry wit, and the original dentata opening). Not shown, but also present at the same party, was Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio. It's a bit like one of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next books, where characters from one novel can walk about willy-nilly into another novel, but in a reality tv context, of course. This has done nothing to alter our impression of Mondo Bravo as an incestuous world of telegenic folks who set 'dars aflutter with their attitude of "gaybe, gaybe not."