Wednesday, January 31, 2007

“Why Don’t You?” Wednesday

Possums, Wotan’s Day is upon us once more, and it is once again time to put on your best Kay Thompson-in-Funny-Face accent to read aloud this week's “Why Don't You?” suggestions by Diana Vreeland.

Without further ado, Why Don't You…

* Practically empty your bedroom, leaving only a box-spring bed and over it an enormous bouquet of Mexican altar flowers of crimson striped carnations, japonica, roses, lilies? Decorations, Ltd., has these flowers.

* Consider building on the roof of your country house an outdoor room or terrace—and go up there at night as you would in Tunis to enjoy the night breezes?

* Have a white monkey-fur bedcover mounted on yellow velvet?

* If you have a greenhouse, raise Japanese cherry trees or white lilac trees and put them around your bed against brown Coromandel screens?